SBZ 616/02 Cut-to-length centre

Automatic saw for aluminium profiles 

  • Loading magazine for up to nine profiles
  • Lifting function for cycling the magazine compartments
  • In- and outfeed gripper with motorised, continuously adjustable gripper jaw
  • Rubberised gripper jaws prevent profile damage
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Pulsed coolant system
  • Outfeed for parts using a belt conveyor, plus lifting function for outfeed of the finished profiles with no impact on the automatic process.



  • Label printer
  • Large saw blade with a diameter of 550 mm
  • For cutting range, see cutting diagram
  • Saw motor 4 kW
  • Continuously adjustable pivoting range with servo drive from -22.5° to +22.5°

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