Elumatec Servizio di Assistenza

Certified new and used spare parts

At all times we have over 5,000 certified original spare parts, wearing parts, operating equipment and accessories in stock. This means almost all common parts for your elumatec machines can be supplied to you quickly when needed, no matter where you are in the world, with express delivery and if necessary by courier.
elumatec original parts are crucial for consistent production and long machine service life, as only original components meet our manufacturer requirements for material quality, precision, durability and safety.

Alternatively, instead of new parts we also offer replacement parts. These are used elumatec components which have been maintained in full working order – as good as new, but cheaper. When is a replacement part the most sensible choice from a technical and cost perspective, and when should I choose a new part? Simply ask our service experts, perhaps during an individual machine consultation.

In stock:
> Original spare parts
> Wearing parts
> Replacement parts
> Operating equipment
> Tools
> Accessories