GLS 192/031 Glazing bead saw

  • Pneumatic V-cutting saw with four special saw blades for simultaneous undercutting of the glazing bead profile
  • Pneumatic, special-purpose clamping device for glazing beads, as standard
  • Equipped with two (optionally four) vertical material clamps as standard
  • Simultaneous sawing of two or four glazing beads (double or four-fold cutting) made possible by wide saw table
  • Automatic saw feed with foot switch operation
  • Equipped with exhaust connector for connection to an extraction system



  • Length variants
  • Saw blade diameter 200 mm and 98 mm
  • 45° bevel
  • Saw blade speed 2,800 rpm
  • Power supply 230/400 V, 3~, 50 Hz
  • Power output 900 W
  • Compressed air supply 7 bar
  • Air consumption per working cycle: 20 l
  • Roller conveyor 3.0 m long, 300 mm wide with stand
  • Connector plate for roller conveyor 300 mm wide

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